Culture accessible to all

In the cultural field, as in any other field, people who are blind or visually impaired must not occupy a special place, or worse, have no place at all.

Recognized as a public utility, the VISIO Foundation has set itself the goal of making all forms of art accessible to children and adults with visually impairments and allowing them to discover the work of well-known artists such as young talents.

Our department dedicated to « Cultural Accessibility » is divided into four sections – Cinema, Children’s literature, Exhibitions, Performing arts – and a profession: audiodescription.


The VISIO Foundation is specialized in the audio description of short and feature films. This device, which combines creation and technique, makes films accessible to visually impaired people thanks to a voice-over text that describes the major visual elements of the work (characters, sets, stage effects, etc.). Alongside other audio cues, the voice of the description is inserted between the dialogues and the important sound elements.


Children's Literature

Thanks to audio description of the books of the UNICEF Prize for Children’s Literature, visually impaired children from 3 to 8 years old can also have access to books, typically rich in illustrations, adapted to their age. This professional device tells them the story while describing the drawings and the images through one or more recorded voices, always making use of a vocabulary suitable to their age.


Art and Exhibitions

Thanks to technical processes such as audio description, relief supports or even tactile and Braille transcription, the artistic domain no longer belongs exclusively to the visual sphere. The blind and visually impaired public can now discover an exhibition or immerse themselves in any work of art. Share a work in such manner opens the imagination, develops emotions through the contact with the atmosphere that emanates from it, forges knowledge and enables the discovery of the artist's bias or even his societal commitment to people who are blind or visually impaired.


Performing arts

By financing audio description, the VISIO Foundation contributes to the accessibility to the performing arts like the Art of Theatre. The process consists of transmitting information on the placement of the cast and the elements of the stage, the attitude of the actors and their movements, their costumes and so on. These descriptive elements, recorded beforehand, are broadcasted live by the audio descriptor or by a trained person, and can be listened by the visually impaired audience through earphones provided to them beforehand.


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